NEPLS on October 7th at Northeastern University

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By: Ben Greenman

The next edition of the New England Programming Language Seminar (NEPLS) will be held on Friday, October 7th at Northeastern University. Organizers are Gabriel Scherer and Max New. See you there!

Here is the official announcement from the NEPLS mailing list.

Hi everyone,

The next New England Programming Languages and Systems Symposium will take place on

Friday, October 7th 2016


Northeastern University, Boston.

Please mark it in your calendars!

The speaker selection committee solicits talks for this meeting. To propose yourself or someone else, send a title, list of authors, and a brief description. You may provide UP TO ONE PAGE of description, but you can keep it as short as a paragraph. We particularly invite talks by researchers from outside the area who are visiting on the date of the NEPLS meeting.

Talks can vary in length. Though 30-minute conference-style slots are traditional, speakers may request slots of as little as 5 minutes; we encourage the shorter formats. This variety permits the presentation of smaller results, preliminary work, progress reports on ongoing projects (such as language standards and compiler toolkits), and updates to past presentations. In general, NEPLS talks need not sound like conference presentations.

The submission deadline is

Sunday, September 25th.

Acceptance notifications will be out on Thursday, September 28th.

Send your proposal to

More details about NEPLS are available on the NEPLS webpage:

To subscribe to the NEPLS mailing list, visit this page: