The Racket School 2018: Create your own language

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By: Ben Greenman

The Racket School 2018: Create your own language • 9–13 July • Salt Lake City

The Racket team has spent over thirty years developing and refining a coherent intellectual tradition for studying and building programming languages. This year’s school will introduce participants to Racket’s framework for language-oriented programming, which the summer school faculty recently spelled out in a a cover article in the Communications of the ACM

Concretely, the 2018 Racket Summer School will cover the following topics:

  • the spectrum of programming languages;
  • modules and syntax, or languages as libraries;
  • DrRacket’s support for language-oriented programming;
  • a domain-specific language for adding types to languages;
  • tools and techniques for implementing notational conveniences; and
  • research challenges in language-oriented programming.

If these topics intrigue you, attend the Racket Summer School:

This is not your run-of-the-mill summer school. We will do our best to make it exciting, entertaining, and useful to a broad spectrum of attendees, both academic and industrial.

P.S. We will send you your first problem set in June, a month before the summer school to whet your appetite.