PLISS: Learn About PL Implementation in a Castle

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By: Alexi Turcotte

We love programming languages (PLs), and we should all be in on the ins and outs of implementing them. If you’re interested in learning the tricks of the trade of PL design and implementation, what better opportunity than the second Programming Languages Implementation Summer School (PLISS for short).

PLISS will be held from May 19th to 24th 2019, and the deadline to express your interest is March 29th, 2019 at 17:00 GMT. More details can be found here.

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The school will feature ten speakers from both academia and industry, each well-versed in the practical side of programming languages. The lectures cover current research as well as future trends in programming language design and implementation, including:

  • Developing Security-Aware Languages with Cristina Cifuentes;
  • Semantics-First Language Design with Sylvan Clebsch;
  • Compiler Design Patterns for Machine Learning by Albert Cohen;
  • Design and Analysis of Configuration Languages by Arjun Guha;
  • A Survey of V8 and WebAssembly by Ben L. Titzer;
  • Crafting User-Friendly Compilers by Nicholas Matsakis;
  • Static Program Analysis by Anders Møller;
  • How Industry Approaches Language and Compiler Design by Joe Pamer;
  • What an End to Non-Volatile RAM Means for Researchers by Mario Wolczko.

Besides attending lectures, students will also be able to get to know the speakers and attendees and think of new research problems. A week-long stay in beautiful Bertinoro, Italy is an ideal setting for socializing with other PL enthusiasts and building lasting relationships.

If I may, I attended the first PLISS in 2017 and can’t recommend it enough. The atmosphere at summer schools is truly unparalleled, and I made friends there that have stood the test of time. For what it’s worth to any prospective graduate students, PLISS is also where I met my PhD advisor. Students will be surprised at how many faces they recognize at future conferences, and in a sense summer schools are nice introduction to the research community. You can read another attendee’s testimonial here.

More information can be found at:

(No, really, it’s in a castle. Look at the pictures.)