Four Kinds of Scoping in R

:: scope, r, by Ming-Ho Yee

In the first and second parts of this blog series, I defined lexical and dynamic scope, and demonstrated interesting cases of scoping in R.

In this third and final part of my blog series, I’d like to discuss a paper by the creators of R, where they motivate the need for lexical scoping in a statistical programming language.

This is a “bonus” blog post, because I’m going to dive into some of the hairier R features to show how four different kinds of scoping can be simulated in R.

PLISS: Learn About PL Implementation in a Castle

:: event, lectures, castle, language implementation, by Alexi Turcotte

We love programming languages (PLs), and we should all be in on the ins and outs of implementing them. If you’re interested in learning the tricks of the trade of PL design and implementation, what better opportunity than the second Programming Languages Implementation Summer School (PLISS for short).

PLISS will be held from May 19th to 24th 2019, and the deadline to express your interest is March 29th, 2019 at 17:00 GMT. More details can be found here.