New Members

Welcome to the PRL! The instructions below will help you get situated in the lab.

  1. Get your student ID (a.k.a. Husky Card) from a pick-up location. Your ID unlocks the door into the lab.
  2. Apply for a CCIS account using these instructions. This account comes with a email address and allows you to access various computers around the college.
  3. Coordinate with the lab member in charge of the people page (see the Contact page) to add your picture and bio, as well as to add yourself to the prl-students and/or prl-staff mailing list, as appropriate.
  4. Join the lab's IRC channel, #prl, on Freenode. Current lab members can help you get started on IRC if you've never used it before. Prospective students are welcome to ask questions on IRC, too!
  5. Sign up for the mailing lists for the PL Seminar and the PL Jr. seminar (links on the Seminars page). You may also wish to subscribe to the Harvard and MIT PL mailing lists to be notified about their talks.
  6. If you need a private place to store code, there is both a CCIS-managed GitHub instance and a NuPRL organization on GitHub. To get access to the nuprl organization, ask the webmaster to add you as a member.
  7. Follow @neu_prl on Twitter.
  8. Finally, if you haven't already found a place to live, this map (compiled by Northeastern CS grad students) can help you narrow down where to live in Boston. Colors on shaded regions indicate roughly how good the area is for grad students (green = good, yellow = okay, red = bad), and you can click on the regions and pins for more information

More grad-student-specific information about Northeastern's College of Computer and Information Science can be found on the grad wiki.